Drowning the Light (AU)  "Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age" -mcd 8.00EUR NEW
(-Obscure Abhorrence)

Mortuary Drape (IT)  "Spiritual Independence" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2014-Iron Tyrant)
"After 10 years of hibernation the Drape will cloak the Earth in Darkness once more!"

Necro Schizma (NL)  "Erupted Evil" -DCD 14.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Iron Tyrant)
"Highly influential ULTRA DEADLY doom. An official reissue containing Erupted Evil demo 1989, rehearsal 1990 & live 1990. Limited to a one time press of 500 copies only."

Sepultura (BR)  "Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation" -cd 10.00EUR NEW

Cosmic Church (FI)  "Täyttymys" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
"Black metal." Pre-order. To be released by the end of May.

Convocation (FI)  "Scars Across" -cd 10.50EUR NEW
(***-2018-Everlasting Spew Records)
"Mesmerizing and gloomy Doom-Death from the most ghastly recesses of Finland. Merging the composing talents of LL from Desolate Shrine with the multi layered vocals of NM from Dark Buddha Rising, Convocation will haunt you and abrade your guts with the most spectral yet punishing tones you could experience! For fans of Lycus, diSEMBOWELMENT, Hooded Menace."

Burzum (NO)  "Filosofem" -cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-1996-Byelobog Prod.)

Darkthrone (NO)  "Panzerfaust" -CD 14.00EUR RESTOCK

Dødheimsgard (NO)  "Kronet til konge" -DCD 14.00EUR RESTOCK
"Includes bonus disc featuring rare 1994 rehearsal with the trio of Vicotnik, Aldrahn and Fenriz."

Enslaved (NO)  "Hordanes Land" -cd 15.00EUR RESTOCK
Incl. a bonus track.

Isengard (NO)  "Vinterskugge" -DCD 14.00EUR RESTOCK

The True Mayhem (NO)  "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" -cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK

Ulver (NO)  "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" -mcd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-House of Mythology)
"A surprise EP of two bonus tracks from The Assassination of Julius Caesar and a fascinating cover song. Rather than being a mope of an EP though, these songs more openly embrace the swaying beats that were so clearly hinted at on tracks from ‘The Assassination…’"

Blooming Carrions (FI)  "Necrosis Twilight" -tape 5.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Iron Bonehead)
"Dark and twisted Death Metal."

Blooming Carrions (FI)  "Sparkling Rotten Dreams" -tape 5.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Iron Bonehead)
"Dark and twisted death metal."

Celestial Grave (FI)  "Burial Ground Trance" -tape 5.50EUR NEW
(***-2016-Iron Bonehead)
"Much like their spiritually inclined countrymen from the past two decades, the duo maintains a fast and filthy yet deliriously melancholic sound that is purely and unapologetically BLACK METAL."

Bathory (SE)  "Hammerheart" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-5)

Bathory (SE)  "Nordland I & II" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-21)

Bathory (SE)  "The Return..." -LP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-1985-Black Mark-BMLP666-2)

Bathory (SE)  "Under the Sign of Black Mark" -LP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-1987-Black Mark-BMLP666-3)

Burzum (NO)  "Filosofem" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Back On Black-BOBV089)

Burzum (NO)  "Hvis Lysett Tar Oss" -LP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Back On Black)

Celestial Grave (FI)  "Pvtrefactio" -7" 6.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Iron Bonehead)
"Still purely and unapologetically BLACK METAL, this new two-song strike seethes with an incensed intensity that illuminates even the dankest crypt."

Darkthrone (NO)  "Panzerfaust" -LP 21.00EUR RESTOCK

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Dopethrone" -DLP 25.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2000-Rise Above-RISELP52)

Enslaved (NO)  "Hordanes Land" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
Incl. a bonus track.

Enslaved (NO)  "Vikingligr veldi" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Nova Ordo Ater" -LP 20.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A." -DLP 26.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)

Taake (NO)  "Kong Vinter" -LP 21.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Dark Essence)

Unholy (FI)  "The Second Ring of Power" -DLP 16.19EUR NEW


Peste Noire (FR)  "La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénerescence" -cd 12.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-Transcendental Creations)

Peste Noire (FR)  "L´Ordure Á L´état Pur" -cd 13.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2011-Transcendental Creations)
"New Peste Noire album, L’Ordure à l’état Pur, just in time to break your balls and to make you dream of the North. Wormy, Muddy Black Metal for scoundrels, that is, in the usual Peste Noire fashion. A mixed bag of Filth and Tradition brought to you by the one and only, DJ Famine. Jewel Case CD featuring a 24 page colour booklet."

Sort Vokter (NO)  "Folkloric Necro Metal" -digicd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Transcendental Creations-TC004)
"Reissue of this classic 1996 album created by four insane norwegians amongst which Ildjarn and acolyte Nidhogg participated. ´Folkloric Necro Metal´ explores the deepest depths of madness, hatred and rage in a strange brew of majestic soundscapes and buzzing, raw black metal in the typical Ildjarn-Nidhogg style."