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Drug Honkey (US)  "Cloak of Skies" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Transcending Obscurity)
"Drug Honkey´s brand of death/doom is something nightmarish, vaguely psychedelic and exudes a post-apocalyptic quality too. They´ve taken the vision of GODFLESH and added their own twist to it, making it darker, surreal and morbid."

Mindkult (US)  "Lucifer´s Dream" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Transcending Obscurity)
"Stepping out of the confines of what can be called doom, Mindkult are going back in time musically to create all over again raw, heavy and stoner-tinged music that oozes horror appeal and bears a soothing post-punk sensibility. Call it doom, stoner or even shoegaze, all of it is correct because it´s a distilled blend to forge a sound that MINDKULT can call it its own. Nostalgic, dark and soulful."

Sadistik Forest (FI)  "Morbid Majesties" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-Transcending Obscurity)
"Sadistik Forest are gnarlier than their contemporaries and play a mix of death metal that not only pays homage to the genre´s greats but also fuses the sound in a way that´s refreshing and also powerful. The music borrows elements from doom as well as black metal and yet remains distinctly death metal in its sonic output."

Warlord U.K. (UK)  "Maximum Carnage" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2016-Transcending Obscurity)
"Warlord UK have always been unheralded and yet they are one of the pillars of the UK death metal scene. Overshadowed probably due to lack of promotion and the period when death metal was saturated. 20th anniversary edition with two bonus tracks."

Peste Noire (FR)  "L´Ordure Á L´état Pur" -cd 13.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2011-Transcendental Creations)
"New Peste Noire album, L’Ordure ŕ l’état Pur, just in time to break your balls and to make you dream of the North. Wormy, Muddy Black Metal for scoundrels, that is, in the usual Peste Noire fashion. A mixed bag of Filth and Tradition brought to you by the one and only, DJ Famine. Jewel Case CD featuring a 24 page colour booklet."

Honor (PO)  "W dzień triumfu" -tape 5.00EUR RESTOCK

Bewitched (CL)  "Hibernum in Perpetuum" -tape 4.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-Night Bird Records-SUNSET044)
"Their debut album. Obscure and classicist, this album shows the wintry BEWITCHED at its rawest and coldest."

Temple of Void (US)  "Demo MMXIII" -tape 5.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2013-Till You Fukkin Bleed)
Death Doom.


Goatmoon (FI)  "Stella Polaris" -cd 13.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)


Anapthergal/Ungeziefer (FI)  "Split" -tape 7.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Mortuary Tapes)
"Primitive music/black metal."

Mörkö (FI)  "Ulvova Tyhjyys" -tape 7.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Mortuary Tapes)
"True atonal black metal."


Drug Honkey (US)  "Hail Satan" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Hohlraum Records)
Dark, twisted & unforgettable death doom delirium. Ltd. to 300 copies.